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I'm a 21 year old artist and silly little guy. I love telling stories and having a really good fun time. Those are my priorities in life.


I really like drawing! I work at a kids entertainment center for a living, though. I did art for work for a while, and was a kids show animator for a few months, but drawing as a career kills my passion for the craft! I'd rather keep money separate from the things that make me happy.I have a fiancee, a girlfriend, and a cat who I love soooo much!


  • Puppetry

  • Animation

  • Aliens/UFO abduction cases

  • Cryptozoology

  • Marine Biology

  • Erotica and Sexuality

  • TTRPGs

  • Music (listening to, creating, making playlists)

  • Robotics/artificial intelligece

  • Collecting trinkets


  • Megamind

  • Barbie

  • Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared

  • Five Nights at Freddy's

  • dungeons and daddies

  • Nope (2022)

  • Pokemon

  • minecraft

  • Subnautica

  • Omnicient Reader's Viewpoint [i'm not done w it yet though]

  • LazyTown

  • Portal

  • Bee and Puppycat

  • Crimehot

  • Writing

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Puppetry

  • Cooking and Baking

  • Perfume collecting

  • Making/playing music and playlists

  • Collecting internet images Like these


I'm working on using social media less and less these days.


This is a list of my favorite quotes and scenes from various pieces of media. They all have very special places in my heart.
The images provided will more often than not contain links to fuller versions of the quotes.

transperience - tomatograter


This is a fancomic for the webcomic homestuck, which i will never ask you to read, as it is a daunting and horrible task. What you need to know, is that Calliope is a young Cherub who wants to be a Troll-- two very different alien species'. Trolls are humanoid, grey-skinned aliens with yellow/orange horns, while cherubs are hulking, reptilian looking creatures who eventually grow large enough to destroy entire galaxies.
Calliope writes stories, draws pictures, where she is the small, dainty, round version of herself she feels like she has to be in order to be loved by the people in her life.

How to Draw a Horse by Emma Hunsinger


how to draw a horse is a comic that speaks extremely true to my experiences as a young lesbian, not knowing that i was a young lesbian. I feel like it's a short enough read that I don't necessarily need to elaborate.

Wolf 359 - episode 41 - Memoria


Hera is a character I connect with more than most. When it's revealed that the thing causing her to function badly, the thing hurting her... that it's something someone else did to her as opposed to an inherent failure of herself, it's... intense.

Minecraft End Poem


The minecraft end poem is, to me, one of the most influential pieces of literature in human history. I'm not fucking joking. The first linked image is to the poem itself, but the second linked image is to the history behind it, as detailed by its author. I highly suggest reading both. I plan on getting a quote from this poem tattooed onto my body.


what you need

Centaurworld might seem unassuming and bubbly from the trailer images, but this series deals with themes as heavy as suicide, ptsd, body dysphoria, and child abuse. The animation is also largely done by hand, and it is BREATHTAKING. Especially considering horses are one of the most difficult animals to properly animate in convincing and expressive ways.

We follow Horse, a war-hardened cavalry steed from a desolate world, as she traverses a strange and unfamiliar landscape of color and music known as Centaurworld. All she wants is to return home safe to her Rider, but unseen forces at play have other motives, and aren't afraid to use whoever they need to use in order to get what they want.

Final Space S1


Final Space is a masterpiece of a show. While I don't enjoy the subsequent seasons nearly as much, and feel the ending of s1 is more impactful if it is a true ending, it doesn't take away from the magic of it for me.

Gary, our main character, is put in space prison for 5 years after a series of almost-accidents and actual crimes. He is stationed on a remote outpost, completely alone, fixing sattelites. The entire time, he makes video entries for a girl he only met once, and fell deeply in love with. She never recieves any of them. The show details his final few days in prison, as he adjusts to being around other living creatures again, and the universe begins to end around them at the hands of forces none of them fully understand.

The first link provided is from s1e2, where Gary extends human kindness to a new friend for the first time in that friend's life.
The second link is from the second to last episode, as the universe begins to fall apart. The two of them, Gary and Quinn, cling to each other. They try to keep something normal, something human, even in the worst possible circumstance.

Ducktales 2017 - a compilation


This entire show is very meaningful to me, but i'll limit myself to a few specific scenes throughout it that really speak to me.S1E9 - This episode, Huey relies solely on his guidebook to tell him what is and isn't real about the world around him. When faced with something that challenges his reality, he would rather die than face it--- until his friends, his family offer to guide him through it.

The second link provided is to the lullaby that Della, the triplets' mother, sang to them as eggs. It's a vocal arrangement of the Moon Theme from the ducktales NES games.
"*Look to the stars, my darling baby boys
Life is strange and vast
Filled with wonders and joys
Face each new sun with eyes clear and true
Unafraid of the unknown
Because I'll face it all with you" *

S2E14 - The third link is to Lena's return. Lena, at the end of season 1, literally dies for Webby, sacrificing herself to live among shadows, never to be seen again. She follows Webby as a ghost for months and months, and when she sees that Webby has made a new friend, she gets... possessive. This is her overcoming that, and being grounded back into reality because of it. Violet, Webby's new friend, later fully adopts Lena as a sister. Violet is also the first mainline ducktales character to have two dads, which rules.

Anatomy [KittyHorrorshow]


Anatomy by KittyHorrorshow is a masterpiece of horror. It is best experienced for ones self, but I've linked my favorite quote upon the second image, and I will transcribe it for you as follows.

What happens to a house when it is left alone?When it becomes worn and aged, and its paint peels, and its foundations begin to sink. It goes for too long unlived in. What does it think of? What does it dream?How does it regard those creatures who built it? Who brought it into existence only to abandon it when its usefulness no longer satisfies them.It may grow lonesome. It may stare for long hours into the darkness of its own empty halls and see shadows. And its heart may jump as it thinks "here, here is someone again, I am not alone."Each time it is wrong. And the hurt starts over.It may haunt itself, inventing ghosts to walk its floors, making friends with its shadow puppets, laughing and whispering to itself at the end of some quiet cul-de-sac.It may grow angry. Its basement may fill with churning acid like an empty stomach. And its gorge may rise as it asks itself, through clenched teeth, "what did I do wrong?"It may grow bitter. It may grow hungry. So hungry and so bitter that its scruples dissolve and its doors unlock themselves.While a house may hunger, it cannot starve. And so in fever and anger and loneliness, it may simply lie in wait. Doors open. Shades drawn. Hallways empty.Hungry.